Bethel Music Kids Come Alive CD/DVD #CRHGG15

Bethel Music Kids CD/DVD Combo Come Alive is hit No. 1 on the ITunes chart for Children’s Music in December 2015. This beautiful CD/DVD features 11 Bethel Music worship favorites sung by kids from the Bethel Church community. Disclosure: I received a copy of the CD for review purposes. Why is there a DVD you… Read More »

Organic Slammers from Go Gourmet #CRHGG15

Organic Slammers from Go Gourmet are a yummy addition to any child’s school lunch but are yummy too so they can be thought of as a treat by your child, even though it’s very healthy! Disclosure: I received some Slammers for inclusion in the Holiday Gift Guide. I only feature products I would buy. Organic… Read More »

Rush Hour Shift and All Queens Chess #CRHGG15

I’d like to introduce you to two new games from Think Fun: Rush Hour Shift and All Queens Chess Disclosure: I received a copy of these games for inclusion in the Holiday Gift Guide. I only accept items I would buy. Rush Hour Shift Rush Hour Shift is a new version of the popular Rush… Read More »

BuppaLaPaloo Bear Builds Self Confidence #CRHGG15

The BuppaLaPaloo bear may be hard to say but it’s not hard to play with and unlike other teddy bears, it speaks in statements designed to help your child feel special. Product Provided. This bear is programmed to say phrases such as I Love Me, I Am So Powerful, I Love Being Happy and I… Read More »

Oral-B Electric Toothbrushes #CRHGG15 (+giveaway)

As the new year approaches, most people start to think about their resolutions. Here’s one you may not have though of.. How well have you been taking care of your teeth? Oh yeah? Honestly? If your answer was not as well as you should, or you normally do but you need new supplies, this post… Read More »

Welcome to the Symphony #CRHGG15

Welcome to the Symphony is a picture book with musical buttons and a speaker so your child can hear the musical instruments or parts of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5. What better way to learn about classical music than to hear it while you read about it? Product Provided All 19 buttons will take you from… Read More »

Gravity Falls 3DS Video Game #CRHGG15

Gravity Falls is a TV show on Disney Channel and now there is a Gravity Falls 3DS game to go with it! Product Provided Gravity Falls 3DS Game Gravity Falls: legend of the Gnome Gemulets allows you to play as both Dipper and Mabel. You can switch between characters at any time and use their… Read More »

Fisher Price Smart Toy Bear #CRHGG15

Smart Toy Bear and Monkey are the newest toys from Fisher Price and I’d like to introduce you to this amazing toy. I’ve never seen a toy that could do so much! Product Provided This toy is designed for ages 3-8 and is perfect for the preschool crowd. This is NOT just a bear (there… Read More »

Throw Pillows From aka #CRHGG15 aka has some awesome Glamour Square 18-inch throw pillows that would be perfect for a tween, teen or young adult girl. I received the Hello Gorgeous Purple pillow to test and share my own opinion on. Here it is on my 9 year old daughter’s bed. She loves throw pillows and this one… Read More »

20 Furry Tales DVD from PBS Kids #CRHGG15

20 Furry Tales is a compilation of different PBS Kids shows, all of which feature animals of some kind. The DVD includes approximately four hours of cartoons and is available exclusively at Walmart Stores for $6.99. *Product Provided for Feature As with all PBS shows, your child won’t just have fun but he or she… Read More »