Gravity Falls 3DS Video Game #CRHGG15

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Gravity Falls is a TV show on Disney Channel and now there is a Gravity Falls 3DS game to go with it!

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Gravity Falls 3DS Game

Gravity Falls: legend of the Gnome Gemulets allows you to play as both Dipper and Mabel. You can switch between characters at any time and use their powers to get through the game.

You will solve a mystery to learn the lore about the inhabitants of Gravity Falls and unlock the secrets of the past. Meet characters like Soos, Grunkle Stan, Old Man McGucket and more.

Better for the kid gamer than the hard core gamer this game isn’t incredibly difficult.


Gravity Falls is a 1 player game and can be found for $29.99 wherever video games are sold.

Rated E for Everyone

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