10 Reasons Why Outdoor Camping is Good for Kids

Camping is an activity every parent should consider doing with their kids. Being outdoors gives them a chance to be close to nature while they enjoy and get to learn a lot of valuable life lessons. Moreover, the experiences they gain can turn into happy memories as they grow to be more capable and resilient… Read More »

Cinch to Hang is Perfect for Camping and Picnics

The Cinch to Hang The Cinch to Hang is an all purpose outdoor organizer. Have you ever tried to hang something from a tree? I know when we go camping we usually want to hang our lantern from the tree. Sometimes you are lucky and someone else put a nail in the tree (which is… Read More »

Summer Camp at Pioneer Camps #pioneercamp

Summer camp is the perfect way to teach your children the importance of getting outdoors and making new friendships. It’s a great experience for all children although some are ready earlier than others. There are pioneer camps in Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba and British Columbia (Pacific). There are a bunch of different types of camps your… Read More »

#pioneercamp and #circlesquare Summer Camp MEGA #Giveaway #contest

I’ve mentioned this giveaway a few times now, did you enter?  Even if you have, you can share your link more to get more entries. If this is the first you are hearing about the contest, read more below! About the Contest Circle Square Ranch and Pioneer Camps across Canada are hosting a large Share… Read More »

Why Pioneer Summer Camp? Reasons & a Chance to Win Big #pioneercamp #contest

Last month I mentioned Circle Square Camp and how to enter to win a week of free overnight camp plus a chance at a trip for two to Punta Cana and some other fabulous prizes. Today I want to share with you another option for summer camp for your children.. Pioneer Camp. There are four… Read More »

Road Trip from Hell and Smart Phones to the Rescue

What did you do for labour day weekend? We went camping.  Sounds fun and relaxing right? It did NOT go as planned. The Road Trip From Hell Warning Signs My brother mixed up what date we were going and for a while wasn’t sure if he could go. My dad’s work made a mistake when… Read More »

Campfire Post Roundup – Great Camping Event – Day 12

Well it’s Day 12, the last day. Whew this event was a lot of work, I hope you enjoyed it. I have a giveaway and some links to check out today. You can expect a few days break before I post anything else on this blog, I need a break. For more camping ideas, check… Read More »

Mabel’s Labels – The Great Camping Event – Day 11

Yes it’s a double dose today since we missed a day this week (remember the technical difficulties?.) Mabel’s Labels is a Canadian company (Yay Canada!) run by women (Yay! Women.) It was started by four family members in Hamilton, Ontario and has since grown to 34 employees. Mabel’s Labels has been featured on The View,… Read More »

Sleeping Bag Review – The Great Camping Event – Day 11

It’s Day 11 and I have a review of a children’s sleeping bag I got from CSN Stores (now Wayfair) today. Most of the blogosphere must have heard of CSN Stores by now as there are reviews and giveaways all over the place. If by chance you are out of the loop, CSN Stores is… Read More »

Camping Security – The Great Camping Event – Day 10