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Hi There! I’m Kathleen Bailey (Garber), a mom of five and Content Creator.

Wait, So Who is Callista?

I started creating websites on the internet in 1999. Remember Geocities? I was 16 and the internet was still fairly new. I was told NOT to use my real name on the internet so I made up the name Callista and when this blog was created in 2003 I kept the name.  Now I use my real name but the title Callista’s Ramblings stuck.

Ever since we got the internet when I was 12 I’ve been drawn to it and I love connecting with others around the world with similar interests.

So, Who ARE You?

Now I’m rocking my 40s with my husband and my three daughters and two sons. My children are all preteens-adult.

I have multiple interests including eating chocolate and poutines (not together!), drinking Iced Cappuccinos from Tim Hortons, reading nonfiction, math, psychology, playing games and advocating for mental health.

I also love animals. Our family dog Kratos (God of War!) and our cats Raiden (God of Thunder!) and Ebony are a constant source of entertainment and love.

I also love trying out products and sharing about them with my readers and/or helping my readers find solutions to their problems. I’ve always been extra helpful, even going so far as to help others to the detriment of myself. I can’t help it! Everyone seems drawn to go to me for advice.

What Will I Find Here?

I blog about family, entertainment, pets, home, health and Canadian life.  I work with brands and I share interesting information and helpful tips.

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