Pet Safety Infographic

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It’s always a good time to go over pet safety rules and this pet safety infographic that I created for you will help you remember all the different tips for each season.

Pet Safety Tips (Infographic to follow)


Watch out for antifreeze. When you fill up your vehicle, make sure some doesn’t leak out and if by chance it still does, make sure your pet doesn’t lick it up.

Watch your pets body temperature, smaller animals especially can get cold really fast. Some breeds of dogs and cats are not meant for cold weather. Keep them inside when possible and use sweaters to keep pets with short hair warm. For animals that are meant to be outside like farm animals, make sure they have a warm place to go like a barn full of hay.

When decorating for the holidays, some house pets may find the new decorations interesting. Try your best to keep them away from the tree and don’t use tinsel if you have cats as they often eat it and that can cause all kinds of internal issues.

Don’t feed your pet table scraps, especially sweets such as candy and baked goods.


Pets can get allergies too but they show up in different ways from humans. Watch for signs such as itchy skin and ears that are bothering them. Learn more about pet allergies.

Make sure your pet has proper ID such as a microchip and/or a pet license tag in case your pet gets lost.

Learn which plants in your area are poisonous and keep your pet away. Don’t bring poisonous plants into your house, especially if you have cats.

Now is the time to get heart-worm medicine from your vet so make a check-up appointment and get what you need.


If you are taking your pet on a boat, use a pet friendly PDF device. Your pet may be able to swim but if something bad happens and you need to swim a long distance or stay afloat till you are rescued, your pet will get tired just like you would.

NEVER and I mean NEVER leave your pet in a car, especially in the summer. Cars retain heat and get much hotter than it is inside. Your pet could die in the short period that you are in a store.

Keep your pets water dish filled as your pet needs to stay hydrated to stay healthy. Offer a dish outside too for pets that go outside.

Some pets can get sunburn. Dogs and cats with white or light colour fur or not fur are especially susceptible. Use sunscreen where you are able and keep your pet out of the sun during the middle of the day.


Keep Halloween candy away from pets, especially Chocolate which is poisonous at least to dogs. Even if you think your dog is too well behaved to eat off the table, don’t risk it. You never know.

Keep pets in on Halloween as well. Some people are out to cause trouble and you don’t want your pet in the middle of that.

No turkey (or any kind) of bones for your pet as they can splinter and cause internal damage. Also don’t let your pet gorge on Thanksgiving dinner as they will eat past the point of being full.

Pet Safety Infographic

Pet Safety Infographic

These pet safety tips and pet safety infographic should help you remember the key safety tips talked about here.

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