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Be Your Own Composer with Compose Yourself

Compose Yourself by Think Fun

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Of all the new toys and games I see come across my sight, the Compose Yourself by Think Fun activity has got to be the best one so far. This toy/game will get lots of use at my house from… Read More »

5 Places NOT to use your Cell Phone


5 Places NOT to use your Cell Phone (except perhaps as a camera) Cell phones should not be used everywhere. Here are five examples of where NOT to use your cell phone. During religious services During family game night (unless using a dictionary for scrabble) On date night While at a play date or playgroup… Read More »

7 Facts about RLS – Restless Leg Syndrome

7 Facts About Restless Leg Syndrome

7 Facts about RLS – Restless Leg Syndrome It’s RLS Education and Awareness Week and as a sufferer I wanted to share with you some facts. It’s a sleep disorder that affects 7% of people. It’s considered a sleep disorder because it is worse at night and when it’s bad you have to walk to… Read More »

Disney’s Put Me In the Story + LAST MINUTE contest

Disney Frozen Put Me in a Story

Disney’s Put Me in the Story allows YOU to be in the Disney frozen story book. Become best friends with Anna and Elsa, as they invite you to join them on a snowy adventure! Each sister explains their side of the story to their best friend, YOU! Unleash your powers, let your imagination soar… and… Read More »

Throwback Thursday on Netflix

Magic School Bus

This post is brought to you by Netflix. As a member of the Netflix StreamTeam, I get special perks. All opinions are mine. With Netflix, Throwback Thursday can happen any day. You can introduce your child to all your childhood favourites and more. You can find old favourites like Garfield, Spiderman and Netflix original series… Read More »

Using a TENS Machine at Home for Pain Relief

Using a TENS Machine at Home for Pain Relief

This review of the Omron Electrotherapy Tens Max Power Unit is by my mother and occasional contributor Barb. The unit was received to test out for review. All opinions are our own. Omron Electrotherapy TENS – Max Power Unit What is TENS? TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a type of therapy for pain used… Read More »

Hush Little Baby #BetterForBaby


This post is brought to you by P&G.  I am a P&Gmom/mamanP&G. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events and opportunities. The opinions on this blog are my own. Hush Little Baby It’s not until you bring a baby into the world (by birth or… Read More »

What NOT to Say to a Migraine Sufferer


In honour of Migraine Awareness Month, please do NOT say any of these things to your loved ones who suffer from migraines. Not only does it not help, it makes it hurt more. What NOT To Say Did you take Tylenol? (Tylenol does NOTHING and yes I took medication, as soon as it hurt because… Read More »

Get This Intense Look with Covergirl #PGmom (+giveaway)

Intense Eye Makeup with Covergirl

Looking for an intense eye makeup look? Try pairing Covergirl Super Sizer Mascara with Intensify Me! Liquid Liner to achieve a look like this. I got a friend to try out the makeup and show you what she was able to do with it and the results are stunning! Try using Olay’s Total Effects night… Read More »

Dogs Get Seasonal Allergies Too #ItchyPetSeeYourVet

Dogs Get Seasonal Allergies Too

Did you know that dogs can get seasonal allergies too? If you are watching for signs such as sneezing, coughing or breathing problems though, you are looking for the wrong thing. I’m familiar with allergies. Daughter #2 has allergies to dogs, cats, hamsters, feathers, mould, pollen and weeds. Daughter #3 has eczema and I won’t… Read More »