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Get This Intense Look with Covergirl #PGmom (+giveaway)

Intense Eye Makeup with Covergirl

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Looking for an intense eye makeup look? Try pairing Covergirl Super Sizer Mascara with Intensify Me! Liquid Liner to achieve a look like this. I got a friend to try out the makeup and show you what she was able… Read More »

Dogs Get Seasonal Allergies Too #ItchyPetSeeYourVet

Dogs Get Seasonal Allergies Too

Did you know that dogs can get seasonal allergies too? If you are watching for signs such as sneezing, coughing or breathing problems though, you are looking for the wrong thing. I’m familiar with allergies. Daughter #2 has allergies to dogs, cats, hamsters, feathers, mould, pollen and weeds. Daughter #3 has eczema and I won’t… Read More »

11 Recipes FREE of the Top 8 Allergens

11 Recipes Free of the Top 8 Allergens

For Food Allergy Awareness Week I wanted to provide a collection of recipes from around the blogosphere that are FREE of the top 8 allergens so you can provide a yummy dish to all your potlucks and dinners without worrying about anyone’s allergies. Top 8 Allergens? “A group of the eight major allergenic foods is… Read More »

WordWorld: Birthday Party! (+ giveaway)

Word World Birthday Party DVD

WordWorld: Birthday Party came out on DVD March 17, 2015. Consider this title to let your little one celebrate his or her birthday while still practicing his or her literacy! Haven’t heard about WordWorld? It’s a PBS Kids TV show that encourages literacy in children. All of the characters in the show are made up… Read More »

What Kids Think About Lying #StreamTeam

What Kids Think About Lying

I was inspired to see what my kids think about lying from this month’s #StreamTeam subject which is lying. I think starting a conversation like this with your children is a good way to see what they are thinking. It may also give you ideas of where you need to have more of a talk… Read More »

Fisher Price Farm, It Never Gets Old! (+ giveaway)

Fisher Price Animal Friends Farm

Did you play with a Fisher Price farm when you were a kid? I did! Now my kids are playing with the Fisher Price Animal Friends Farm – the new and improved edition. It’s a little different than when I was young but it’s close enough to the original to recognize it! Disclosure: I am… Read More »

How to Make Science Fun and Interesting #StreamTeam

How to Make Science Fun and Interesting

Science isn’t just a subject in school for kids, it’s how they learn about the way the world works, how our bodies work and how we do the things we do. Science is so broad I can’t imagine ANYONE not finding at least one part of Science fascinating. Plants and Animals? Science Technology? Science Engineering?… Read More »

Fire Fighter Fun with Chuggington

Fire Fighter Fun with Chuggington

Disclosure: I received a copy of the Chuggington Fire Patrol Rescue DVD in exchange for this review. All opinions are honest. The Chuggington trains celebrated Fire Patrol Rescue Day on March 31 with the release of the Chuggington Fire Patrol Day DVD. The DVD comes with an Asher toy train from TOMY. In Fire Patrol… Read More »

Celebrating 4 with a Paw Patrol Party With Help from Costume Supercentre

Paw Patrol Party

My son just turned 4 and for his birthday he wanted a Paw Patrol party theme. Costume SuperCentre sent us some Paw Patrol party supplies to make the day extra special and we had a cake made up to fit the theme as well. I’ve never actually a themed party before with all store bought… Read More »

A Simple Energy Use Audit (+ #saveONenergy Spring Coupon Event)

How to Perform a Simple Energy Use Audit at Home

The time is now to make a difference and make sure the future will be a good one. Do what you can to reduce energy use. While you are honouring Earth Hour and celebrating Earth Day this spring, make plans to do an energy audit of your home to see what you can do to… Read More »