Are Eco-Friendly Toys Important? (+giveaway)

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Are eco-friendly toys important? That’s what we’re talking about today. Earth Day is approaching fast but even if it wasn’t, does it matter if your toys are eco-friendly?

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Are Eco-Friendly Toys Important?

When my children were younger and played with lots of toys, I rarely bought them toys. They received most of their toys from gifts or hand me downs. When we did buy toys or made preferences known for gifts, we didn’t worry about how eco-friendly the toys were for the planet.

It’s not that we didn’t care about the environment of course. It just wasn’t something that was thought of as much then, or at least in my circle it wasn’t.

Toys Are Mostly Plastic

I don’t buy toys anymore but if I did, I would want to put some more thought into what I buy. Toys are largely made from plastic. Plastic doesn’t break down fast and will just sit in landfills for years and years.

“Plastic waste can take anywhere from 20 to 500 years to decompose, and even then, it never fully disappears; it just gets smaller and smaller.”

United Nations

If we fill the landfills with plastic it won’t break down and so we will end up having to make landfills in new places which will end up being very close to where we live and work.

Playmobil’s Commitment

Playmobil is excited to announce they are adding four MORE series to their eco-friendly product line in addition to the two they already had. Playmobil is releasing Horses of WaterfallPlaymobil JuniorMy Life and Dinos to Wiltopia and Country. This puts them one step closer to their long-term plan of adopting a fully sustainable product line. 

The brand’s mission is to provide adventure and education to children aged 1.5-10 by sustainably producing toys that focus on learning about animals, nature, the environment and protecting our planet.” 

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Our Seal for More Sustainability

Our new seal identifies all our products that are made from 80% sustainable materials on average. These are composed of recycled and biobased plastics. Foil bags made from 100% recyled plastics are used for packaging. Shipping, retail packaging, and building instructions are made from almost 100 percent recycled cardboard or recycled paper.

Featured Product Series

Here are the series that are in the eco-friendly line.

  • Horses of Waterfall – Check out the horses at Waterfall Horse Ranch, you can even style the horse’s hair!
  • Playmobil Junior – Currently called 1-2-3 but will be changing names. These are for toddlers.
  • My Life – looks like everyday living just like your life!
  • Dinos – for the dinosaur lover
  • Wiltopia – like wild animals? This is the series for you.
  • Country – for those who want to pretend to life in the country.

Find these toys are your local toy store or online wherever you shop for toys.


Playmobil has agreed to gift one lucky Canadian reader of this blog a set from their choice of the above 6 series.

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