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Gift Ideas for Women

Are you looking for gift ideas for women? Whether you want to gift yourself or someone in your life, here are some suggestions for items that many women are drawn to. These aren’t just for women of course but I recommend them for women. Disclosure: This post is sponsored and contains affiliate links. Gift Ideas… Read More »

Super Squiggles Markers #CRHGG21

Are you artsy? Do you know someone who loves markers? Super Squiggles Markers are a unique type of marker that combines colour and shine into one. These markers can make beautiful pictures or designs, just think.. what can YOU make? Super Squiggles Markers As you can see from the image above, the middle of the… Read More »

How to Find Press Contacts

This post is for fellow bloggers or website owners who are wanting to find press contacts. I share how I find press contacts when I want to reach out to a company. I will also share other ways of finding a contact if those ways fail. Finally I’ll give some advice on the actual email… Read More »

EMF Radiation Shielding #CRHGG20

DefenderShield sells EMF Radiation Shielding products to protect you from EMF Radiation. Are you worried about what all those electronics are doing to you? Disclosure: I was sent product for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links. DefenderShield EMF Radiation Shielding Products Before I share what products DefenderShield sells let’s learn what EMF Radiation… Read More »

Nostrand Jewelry

Nostrand Jewelry has some products available that you might be interested in and I’m here to share about them. Disclosure: I received some product in exchange for this post. Nostrand Jewelry is more about items to fix the jewelry you already have, make it fit better or differently but it does have a few original… Read More »

Ugly Christmas Pajamas (+ giveaway)

Ugly Christmas Sweaters started a few decades ago as a tacky Christmas themed sweater and in the new millennium, the trend took an upswing with ugly Christmas sweater parties. (source) Now a website which specializes in Ugly Christmas Sweaters is also making Ugly Christmas Pajamas because… well… why not?! sent us over two pajama… Read More »

Bracelets from Sureway Digital Mall

For Christmas my older girls each got a bracelet from Sureway Digital Mall and they are very happy with them.  I wanted to share more about them today. Sureway Digital Mall sells different types of jewellery such as bracelets, anklets, necklaces, rings and earrings. You can find fashion jewellery as well as inspirational types. You… Read More »

Sticky Inspirations

Everyone can use sticky notes but I wanted to show you these Sticky Inspirations notes which would make great gifts. What makes them different? Disclosure: I received some packs of sticky notes in exchange for this post. Sticky Inspirations Sticky Notes Each note in the sticky note pack has an inspirational quote on it. They… Read More »

Get a New Logo with DesignEvo (+giveaway)

For those of us who can’t afford hundreds of dollars for a logo for our blog, website or business, I just recently found another way to get a new logo: DesignEvo Keep reading to see how YOU can get a new logo Get a New Logo with DesignEvo On my book blog‘s social media accounts… Read More »

Photo Blankets Make Great Gifts

Personalized photo blankets make great gifts for any time. can help you personalize a blanket quickly and easily. Disclosure: I received a photo blanket from in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.  Personalized Photo Blanket It seems you can get personalized anything today including the usual mugs, wall hangings and… Read More »