Gift Ideas for Women

Are you looking for gift ideas for women? Whether you want to gift yourself or someone in your life, here are some suggestions for items that many women are drawn to. These aren’t just for women of course but I recommend them for women. Disclosure: This post is sponsored and contains affiliate links. Gift Ideas… Read More »

Create Products From Your Instagram Photos with InstaJunction #CRHGG14

Immortalize Your Instagram Photos Instajunction allows you to view your Instagram photos even when you’re not online by using them to create various projects from wall art to magnets to key rings. You can even make cufflinks! Connect your Instagram account to pick your recent images from Instagram or upload directly from your computer. You… Read More »

Datevitation Coupon Book

When I was a kid I used to make coupon books for my parents and brother as gifts for holidays, birthdays or other special events. I liked that it was personal and could include just the right things that would make my family happy. As an adult, I’ve seen stores try to market coupon books… Read More »

Pampers Gifts to Grow (Redeem for You or a Charity) #pgmom

I started collecting Pampers Gifts to Grow points when I had my first child 7 years ago. I don’t usually buy Pampers for myself, only because our budget is tight and I most of the time had to settle for the store brand. However I often got gifts of diapers from family and they always… Read More »

MLP: Friendship is Magic–Adventures in the Crystal Empire(Holiday Gift Guide 2012)

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic continues the stories with the newest DVD Adventures in the Crystal Empire. Here we meet the Crystal ponies of the Crystal Empire who are in danger. They are located in the arctic North of Equestria and Princess Celestia needs Twilight and her friends to help them. As with any… Read More »

Chamilia Silver Snap Charm Bracelet (Holiday Gift Guide 2012)

Charm bracelets have come a long way from what I remember. If you had a charm bracelet as a girl and you want one now but don’t want dangly charms clicking together every time you move, the Chamilia Silver Snap Charm Bracelet may interest you. Chamilia also sells necklaces and earrings. Jewellery comes in .925… Read More »

Clorox Electronic Cleaning Wipes (Holiday Gift Guide 2012)

*Stocking Stuffer Idea* The perfect stocking stuffer ideas for an electronic lover, Clorox now has Electronic Cleaning Wipes (as well as Cleaning Spray and a Cleansing Cloth, all for electronics) These e-cleaning products give a typical Clorox level of clean but are safe for electronic displays and touch screens. The cleansing spray and pre-moistened wipes… Read More »

World Vision Gifts–Gifts That Make a Difference (Holiday Gift Guide 2012)

The Gift That Makes a Difference At this time of year, many families want to give gifts but are also aware of the many people without money or homes who don’t get gifts this holiday season. It can be  tough sometimes to justify the gifts you are buying when others are going hungry. There IS… Read More »

I See Me Personalized Colouring Books and Mats (Holiday Gift Guide 2012)

I’ve reviewed other products from I See Me! before like the My Very Own Name Book or the My Very Happy Birthday book or My Very Merry Christmas Book. Personalized Colouring Books New for the holiday season, you can now get personalized colouring books and placemats for your children! There are a few styles of… Read More »

Unique Lifestyle Accessories, Gifts and Gadgets from Paramount Zone

Paramount Zone is UK based online store that carries interesting gadgets and gifts for everyone in your family from: Like and Dislike Stamps to a Sports Car Mouse to a Secret Message Pen There are techie gifts, cool gadgets, retro toys, electronics, magnets, more toys, games/puzzles and so much more.  No matter who you are… Read More »