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When I was a kid I used to make coupon books for my parents and brother as gifts for holidays, birthdays or other special events. I liked that it was personal and could include just the right things that would make my family happy.

As an adult, I’ve seen stores try to market coupon books but I never bought them because they were always generic coupons that didn’t fit our lifestyle. A coupon to go to a sports game doesn’t do any of us any good because we are not sporty. I thought of making my own again but felt silly as an adult cutting, writing and stapling. I’m good at teaching crafts to kids, but don’t necessarily enjoy making them myself.

Enter Datevitation – maker of customizable love coupon books and more recently, books for family and friends as well.  When I was told of this new site I jumped at the chance to work with them because they make coupon books the right way – customizable. Not only can I pick and choose which coupons I want, I can edit the wording to make it just right AND I can add headshots of me and the receiver to make it even more personal. Once I pick the dates I want, add a cover and custom message they create it, print it and ship it to me.


Coupon Code

I’m putting it up here so you don’t miss it – use special promo code CALLISTA for $10 OFF PLUS FREE SHIPPING! However the code is ONLY good for a few days, until May 20th so don’t delay!

Making Your Coupon Book

There are literally hundreds of coupons to choose from and if you tell the website who you are and who you are gifting to (husband, wife, child, friend, parent etc.) it will give you appropriate suggestions.


Adding Faces

Once you upload your headshot and pick hair you can see the faces right in the illustrations before you even pick them.



You can preview the coupons to see the default wording or see them up close. After you pick your coupons and move on to customization you will be able to edit that wording to say whatever you want.


In the example above, I can change it to say whatever I want. Perhaps how long the spa treatment will last or what type of spa treatment (e.g. a back massage for 1 hour.)

The books start at $25 for 5 dates and go up from there. I think it’s a great way to give just the perfect gift to your loved one.

Here’s a real example from the book I ordered:



Prize Coupon Book (5 dates)
Retail Value $25
Open To Canadian Residents 18+
Enter Until May 20, 2014 11:59 PM EST
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