Super Squiggles Markers #CRHGG21

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Are you artsy? Do you know someone who loves markers? Super Squiggles Markers are a unique type of marker that combines colour and shine into one.

These markers can make beautiful pictures or designs, just think.. what can YOU make?

Super Squiggles Markers

As you can see from the image above, the middle of the marker makes a silver shiny lines while the outside has colour. The markers come in a set of 8 or a set of 12 different colours. You can write with them or make beautiful art. See the website to see what colours come in each set and what else they sell.

So How Do They Work?

They work like a paint marker. The first time you need to follow the activation guide which includes shaking and pressing on the tip in a certain way. Once ink reaches tips of the marker you can use it. As with any marker, make sure it’s capped properly between each use.

Check out their Instagram to see more examples of how the markers work. So beautiful and relaxing to watch!


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