Muscle5 Protein Powder

Looking to build muscle by increasing your protein intake? Or perhaps someone you love is interested in protein powder? We tried the Muscle5 Protein Powder by StayAbove Nutrition. Disclosure: We received some protein powder in exchange for a review. Muscle5 Protein Powder My teenage daughter is the one most interested in using this product in… Read More »

Pandemic Self Care

If you’re reading this we are probably in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. At least there better not be another pandemic anytime soon. It might seem like that’s all anyone ever talks about. Perhaps you are sick of hearing about it. I know I am. However I think it’s important to learn about pandemic… Read More »

A Product for Kids With Anxiety

Do you have kids with anxiety, ADHD, ODD or any condition that causes them to need to be more mindful or peaceful? If so Little Renegades has some cool products for you. Kids With Anxiety There are a lot of kids with anxiety right now, especially with a pandemic going on. If your child is… Read More »

Truthbrush Improves Your Kids Toothbrushing

Do you struggle with getting your kids to brush their teeth? Once they are old enough that you don’t help them anymore, you basically just say, “Go brush your teeth!” and hope that they do it right. Or at all. With Truthbrush you can monitor your child’s brushing without being in the same room as… Read More »

Family Guide To Oral Health

Description:  We know that it is essential to take care of our teeth and to see dentists regularly. However, because of the COVID – 19 making an appointment can sometimes be challenging, unless in case of an emergency! In these times when yours and the oral health of your kids depends mainly on you, it… Read More »

Living With Allergies (Guest Post by my Daughter)

I asked my teen daughter Alastrin to share what it’s been like living with allergies and she did a great job. If you take the time to read some or all of it, please consider commenting and/or sharing her post so she knows you were here. Living With Allergies by Alastrin When I was around… Read More »

Learning About Anaphylaxis

Are you trying to learn more about anaphylaxis and epi-pens? So am I! As previously mentioned, we have a newly diagnosed milk allergy in the house. The doctor doesn’t think she will have an anaphylactic reaction but you can never tell for sure so we have had to learn about anaphylaxis and epi-pens. I wanted… Read More »

Newly Diagnosed Milk Allergy

May is Food Allergy Awareness Month in Canada and May 10-17, 2020 is Food Allergy Awareness Week in the US.   Newly Diagnosed Milk Allergy Up until very recently, I didn’t realize we had a food allergy in our home. My now 13 year old used to get stomach aches from having too much chocolate… Read More »

COVID-19 Resources from PBS

As schools, libraries, restaurants and more close, you may find yourself with lots of questions and time on your hands with your children.  PBS has a few resources that you might find helpful. This post brought to you by PBS KIDS First, a reminder to make sure the news source you are getting your COVID-19… Read More »

Dental Appointments for Children with ADHD

The following is a guest post about dental appointments for children with ADHD. Get some tips on how to make it easier on your child. Dental Appointments for Children with ADHD A Guest Post by Dr. Greg Grillo ( Visiting the dentist can be a really overwhelming experience for children which ends up being a… Read More »