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Review Team

This blog is run by me but members of my family assist me often when it comes to product/service reviews. Learning a bit about us will show you what types of products are are most interested in reviewing.

Kathleen Garber, Canadian Blogger

I’m Kathleen and I’m a SAHM in her late twenties with three children (more on them later.) You can find out more about me on my About Me page. I am especially interested in products/services that fit these topics: Parenting, Family, House and Home (Decor, Furnishings, Cleaning/Organization), Pets (Specifically Dog or Cat), Media (Movies, Music, Games, Video Games [Wii, DSi and PS3]), Food/Cooking (Kitchen Gadgets/Utensils, Food, Drinks), Health (Well Known Medications, Health/Safety Products), Children and Baby (Toys, Health/Safety, Necessities) and Local Events/Establishments (Windsor, Ontario, Canada.)

My husband Frank and my children Morgan (2006), Alastrin (2007) and Liam (2011) also help with product testing from time to time. My husband is currently employed as a Security Guard and was previously a SAHD. His interest are video games (PS3), TV/Movies, Woodburning, Comics/Superheroes and Paintball.

My girls are girly girls and so are interested in pink/purple, Princesses, Fairies, Playing House, and they are big time into Arts and Crafts. They are beginner readers and love school and learning. Liam’s interests are climbing and destruction, pestering his sisters and testing mom’s limits. :)

Tony of Wisdom with T

Tony is my brother and he has a blog of his own Wisdom With T that he is still finding his groove with. Tony is a bachelor in his mid 30s with a strong interest in business, especially with regards to inspiring, helping and healing others. He has owned a business before and currently is an associate with LegalShield.

His geek side has him interested in gaming, role playing, comics, superheroes, cartoons, Star Trek, Science Fiction and Old Horror Movies. He also loves music of all types from Classical to Rock and everything in between. He is a former DJ and is our family music and movie trivia buff. He has a spiritual side as well and identifies himself as a Wizard (but not the Harry Potter type!) He is on a never ending quest to understand the mysteries of life.  Other interests include drinking tea, eating sweets, owning unique and sometimes handmade items, travel and trying new things.

Barb is my mother and is in her 50s. She has recently started selling Tupperware and so she is working on looking more professional. She is always looking for professional clothing, skin care and make up for mature skin and has been reading about Direct Selling. She is interested in Jewelery but can only wear sterling silver, nickel free or beaded necklaces. She is also a caregiver to a 3 year old little man and has been involved with Girl Guides for over 20 years. She is always looking for activities to do with both. She is also an Amateur Radio Operator (callsign is VE3SMU.)

Other Interests: Stephen King Novels, Crafting (Digital Scrapbooking, Tole Painting, Iris Folding, Knitting, Crocheting, Sewing), Aromatheraphy, Camping/Outdoors, Animals (She owns a Shih Tzu but loves all animals), Drinking Tea (Decaf) and Wine, Yoga, House Decor/Organization. She also is looking to learn more about naturopathy as an alternative to all the medication she takes and loves to do things herself such as Nail Art and Henna.