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If you are contacting me to pitch for a review, giveaway, advertising or other inquiry, please read the Work With Me page first.

If you are contacting me about a guest post, please read the following first:

Guest Post or Sponsored Post

If you are a blogger first and foremost you may submit a guest post at the email below. This means you created your blog first. Perhaps you became your own business after that and sell products or services but you are a blogger first.

If you are a company first with an attached blog, you may submit a proposal for a sponsored post. This means either you submit a written post (must solve a problem or be helpful in some way) or you submit some information for me to write the post. Sponsored posts have a fee.


For any inquires, please contact me at and include all pertinent information. I generally respond right away, but if you don’t get a response in a week, feel free to follow up. Or you can use the form below.