Truthbrush Improves Your Kids Toothbrushing

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Do you struggle with getting your kids to brush their teeth? Once they are old enough that you don’t help them anymore, you basically just say, “Go brush your teeth!” and hope that they do it right. Or at all. With Truthbrush you can monitor your child’s brushing without being in the same room as them. This is especially helpful if you have many children who go to bed at different times. No parent wants to be the toothbrushing police and hover over their child.

Disclosure: Truthbrush sent us some product to try out in exchange for an honest review.

My daughter brushing her teeth with her toothbrush and her Truthbrush attachment.

Truthbrush comes in three parts. Part 1 you put on your toothbrush. It’s small so you can barely see it in the picture above. Part 2 is optional but there are cool skins for part 1. Part 3 is plugged into a wall socket.

Here is a better look at what they look like. The fox/ice cream and astronaut are the skins. Without the skins they are just white with a tooth icon.

Toothbrushes with the Truthbrush attachments.

Here is the wall plug. It’s important to note that the plug doesn’t have to be in the same room as you brush your teeth. It just has to be within 30 feet! This is awesome for us because our bathroom sink is broken so we brush our teeth in the kitchen. But we don’t have a free plug in the kitchen. We have the plug in the bathroom and it still works while they brush their teeth in the kitchen. So you could put it in some obscure wall plug spot behind a couch or something and it will still work.

The Truthbrush wall plug. Works within 30 feet!

So what does Truthbrush actually do?

Glad you asked! Okay so the little thing on the toothbrush connects with the wall plug and tracks if your child brushes their teeth, how long they brush for and how well they do. It works with a free app so you can track things on your smartphone.

You can even set a goal for your child to reach. Like if they brush 14 times a week (2x day for 7 days) they get $5 or a visit to the park, or whatever you want. This is optional though.

Here are some stats from the last few days with my kids:

This is the main screen of the app. You can see my two younger kids have brushed their teeth 4 or 5 times this week at the time of the screenshot. They brushed their teeth for longer than you are supposed to. Keep reading though for more stats.
This is my daughter’s chart. You get to this by clicking her name. You can see green is morning and blue is evening. So my daughter hasn’t been brushing in the morning.
This area shows you if your child is brushing up and down, left and right or circular. It also shows what areas of the mouth are being missed with the colour red. If your child is always missing a certain area, you can let him or her know to pay extra special attention to that area.
This section shows you that although my daughter is brushing longer than average, a lot of that time is passive or interrupted. She needs to work on brushing more consistently.

I really like the Truthbrush product. Since starting it, my kids toothbrushing has gotten better. They weren’t even brushing their teeth half the time but I told them, “I will know!” Now they don’t forget. They are still working on better efficiency. I chose these charts to show you but a lot of the other times they brushed pretty well. My kids are 7 and 10. This would work fine for any age kid that knows HOW to brush their teeth but doesn’t always follow through and do it or do it properly. I recommend ages 5-12 though just because a teenager would not be happy being “watched” and a child younger than 5 needs direction while brushing.

I didn’t show all the charts in the app. Also it tracks how the battery is in the tracker and how many days till you should change your toothbrush.

The only downside I found was in the very beginning. Getting the Truthbrush trackers open, adding the battery and adding the skins was PAINFUL on my hands. I have carpal tunnel. If you have the same, or arthritis or anything that causes joint pain in your hands, you will have a hard time getting these set up. I recommend having someone help you.


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