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Be Like a Girl + Infographic on Girls and Confidence #LikeAGirl

Why is the phrase “Like a Girl” a negative thing? I’m a girl and I’m proud of it. When kids are toddlers, they don’t know the difference between being a boy or a girl. One they learn which one they are, they are proud to be what they are. If you ask my 3 year… Read More »

Oral Health Tips from Dr. Stork (+Giveaway)

In honour of April being Oral Health Month, Dr. Travis Stork has partnered with Crest and Oral-B to bring you some oral health tips. Did You Know? Did you know pregnancy and gum issues are often related? 70 per cent of all pregnant women suffer from inflamed gums, which is a sign of gingivitis. At… Read More »

The Never Say Dieting Oath #WorldWithoutDieting

Did you know that diet is a bad word? I never use the word diet around my children and I try not to talk about needing to lose weight either. My daughters especially, look up to me and learn from me. I am an influence on my nieces as well and the girls I work… Read More »

ADHD Awareness Week Oct 14-20, 2013

There is more to ADHD than just the hyperactivity aspect and even that symptom can show in different ways which is why ADHD Awareness Week is so important. Are You ADHD Aware? Are you SURE you know the symptoms and facts about ADHD? I thought I knew all about it till I checked out the… Read More »

Boogie Wipes: For When The Germs Are Circling

Boogie Wipes are saline disposable wipes for cleaning snotty noses without the sting and redness. Between October and March it seems everyone, especially children, have runny noses. As spring approaches slowly, we hope for a time when nose wiping is minimal but for now, those germs are making their way around schools and groups of… Read More »

Carrie All: A Tool for Organization

The Carrie All is a product designed for medication organization. I take at least 8 to 10 medications as well as several over the counter supplements. My doctor wants me to bring in any medications I’m taking when I see him. That means dragging a plastic bag full of pill bottles to his office. Then… Read More »

Children’s Fever: Should I Use Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen?

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a medical professional however I am sharing what I learned from nurses who gave a talk about the subject. You should talk to your doctor before using this advice. I am not to be held responsible if you follow this advice and something happens. You agree to this if you read… Read More »

Milestones, Weaning and Natrel’s Baboo #NatrelBaboo

My son Liam hit 18 months on Sept 29 and since then, I’ve been reminiscing of how much he’s grown since he was born. As my third child, it seems like time moved even quicker as with your first child, it seems like it takes forever for them to reach each milestone: Smiling/Laughing Rolling Sitting… Read More »

These Hot Men Want You To Touch Your Breasts

*Don’t worry this is family friendly How would you like a hot man to remind you to check your breasts and get your mammogram? Breast Cancer Awareness month is almost over but you need to check your breasts regularly, not just in October. Downloading the Your Man Reminder app for Android or IOS will help… Read More »

Where Do You Keep Your Family’s Important Health Information?

What’s the name of his medication again? When was she in the hospital for her surgery? What is his blood type? Where did I put that vaccination record? Do those questions sound familiar? I’ve always struggled with how to keep my health information organized and now that I have three kids and a husband, I… Read More »