Oral-B Electric Toothbrushes #CRHGG15 (+giveaway)

As the new year approaches, most people start to think about their resolutions. Here’s one you may not have though of.. How well have you been taking care of your teeth? Oh yeah? Honestly? If your answer was not as well as you should, or you normally do but you need new supplies, this post… Read More »

Oral Health Tips from Dr. Stork (+Giveaway)

In honour of April being Oral Health Month, Dr. Travis Stork has partnered with Crest and Oral-B to bring you some oral health tips. Did You Know? Did you know pregnancy and gum issues are often related? 70 per cent of all pregnant women suffer from inflamed gums, which is a sign of gingivitis. At… Read More »

Teaching Bathroom Skills with P&G Bathroom Buddies

Everyday skills you do in the bathroom as an adult had to be taught to you at some point. It can be hard for a parent to teach these skills sometimes because we don’t remember when we had to learn it so it seems like second nature to us. Can you remember being potty trained?… Read More »