Teaching Bathroom Skills with P&G Bathroom Buddies

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Everyday skills you do in the bathroom as an adult had to be taught to you at some point. It can be hard for a parent to teach these skills sometimes because we don’t remember when we had to learn it so it seems like second nature to us. Can you remember being potty trained? What about learning to brush your teeth properly? I have no memories of either of those. I have early memories of having baths but don’t remember when I changed from being bathed to bathing myself. I just remember bathing myself.

I’ve successfully potty trained two of my four children and am currently working on child #3 but I am finding it a lot harder. I’ve heard that boys are harder to train but I don’t know if that’s why we are having troubles or if it’s just the way he is, not that he is a boy.

Bathroom Routine Tips from Today’s Parent and P&G

  1. Get kids in the habit of good brushing – let them brush on their own first, then review to make sure no areas are missed! Find the right toothbrush for your little ones’ brushing stage. Oral-B Stages are made for their stage and make brushing fun with their favourite Bathroom Buddies characters by their side. For kids three and up, try Oral-B Pro-Health Stages Disney My Friends Tigger and Pooh Power Toothbrush or Oral-B Pro-Health Stages Disney Pixar Monsters Inc. Power Toothbrush.
  2. Make sure your little ones know that an essential part of the bathroom routine is cleaning up when you’re done. Teaching them the right way to wipe is especially important for girls. For their precious skin, find a soft bath tissue, like Charmin Ultra Soft, and teach them how much to use. IMPORTANT: Teach them to wipe front to back!
  3. Setting a routine for potty training is an important step for success. Visit the bathroom together after all meals and liquids, and before and after sleeps and going out.  When your little one is ready, they can start the potty training journey with friends Dora and Diego on their Pampers Easy Ups, designed for all day training.

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Today’s Parent Milestone App for Apple Devices

If you have a smart phone or tablet (currently Apple only) you might want to check out the Bathroom Buddy app to help children learn bathroom routines with fun games on potty training and brushing teeth.

Today's Parent App



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