COVID-19 Resources from PBS

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As schools, libraries, restaurants and more close, you may find yourself with lots of questions and time on your hands with your children.  PBS has a few resources that you might find helpful.

COVID-19 Resources from PBS KIds

This post brought to you by PBS KIDS

First, a reminder to make sure the news source you are getting your COVID-19 news from is a reliable source. Don’t believe everything you read. Check news once a day to keep up to date but try to stop yourself from obsessively checking the news many times a day. That will just get you amped up and induce anxiety. Be aware, but not obsessive. Make sure you follow the rules/guidelines of your local area. Stay safe.

Resources from PBS

PBS KIDS has created a FREE daily email newsletter with educational activities for parents of young children.  You can sign up for that here:

PBS Kids also has two resources for parents:

How Parents and Children can De-Stress

How to Talk to Children about COVID-19

Also PBS wants to remind you to try not to fall into the trap of throwing your normal screen time limits out the window while your children are home. There are lots of things to do besides screen time and just like you want your child to be healthy virus wise, you don’t want your child staring at a screen 20 hours a day. The web is full of ideas:

And from me:
Create Your Own Destiny Craft for Kids

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