Mabel’s Labels – The Great Camping Event – Day 11

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Yes it’s a double dose today since we missed a day this week (remember the technical difficulties?.)

Mabel’s Labels is a Canadian company (Yay Canada!) run by women (Yay! Women.) It was started by four family members in Hamilton, Ontario and has since grown to 34 employees. Mabel’s Labels has been featured on The View, The Early Show, Canada AM and Breakfast Television.

Mabel’s Labels creates labels for clothing, shoes, containers, backpacks and more. Anything you want to label with a name. They’ve also expanded and make allergy bracelets and My 411 bracelets (contact info on a bracelet.)

I was going to review the Camp Pack but the Ultimate Back-to-School Combo showed up instead. My guess is because it wasn’t going to make it here in time for camp. It works anyways because my eldest daughter is going to school for the first time this September.

The Ultimate Back-to-School Combo comes with 50 Tag Mates, 40 Skinny-Minis, 16 Shoe Labels and 2 Teeny Tags.

The Skinny-Minis are dishwasher safe for small school supplies such as pencils and erasers. Tag mates are laundry-safe labels for clothing that stick to the clothing labels.

Shoe Labels are waterproof and extra sticky so they won’t get caught on socks and move around.

Teeny Tags are small metal tags for backpacks, pencil cases and lunch bags.

This is just one of the combos available, plus you can order a bunch of one kind of tag.

I must say I was skeptical when they first came. They look just like normal stickers and I didn’t see how they would stay stuck to anything, especially while being washed. But they are a lot thicker than they look and were hard to peel off the sheet which shows how strong they are. They feel like they are made of a rubbery plastic and stick really well. They don’t come off at ALL.

Would you like to try them out? I’ll have a giveaway for you tomorrow!

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