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Camp Chairs – The Great Camping Event – Day 9

It’s Day 9 and I’d like to talk about camp chairs. Do you have a camp chair? They are good for sitting around the backyard too! The most common is the basic style. A place to sit with a back rest. Some have arm rests, some with cup holders, some without. Some have little side… Read More »

Break – The Great Camping Event – Day 8

© Flickr User It’s Marie the Bee Camping Posts will resume tomorrow!

Camp Chef Expedition 3X Review – The Great Camping Event – Day 7

It’s Day 7 and I have a great review for you.  Camp Chef Expedition 3x My mother owns the Camp Chef – Expedition 3X camp stove which we use for ourselves and for our Girl Guide Camps. This is the ultimate camp stove. Forget your two burner coleman. I’m going to do my review in… Read More »

Camping with Bugs

Bugs live outside. If you go camping, you are going to be camping with bugs, there’s no doubt about that. Bugs is a big reason I think why some people are not interested in camping. This post contains affiliate links. I think it’s fair to say that most people don’t mind or even like certain… Read More »

Camping Guest Post – My Camping Trip

I’ve got another guest post for you today. All photos belong to the guest poster. Every summer, my family has a Great Camping Trip and I’ve been going since I was about six.  My father is a huge outdoors fan and is basically the heart and soul of our planning, hiking, and camping.  Perhaps it’s… Read More »

Keep Your Tent Clean

When tent camping it’s important to Keep Your Tent Clean to ensure your tent lasts and also to ensure a comfy camp experience. I already discussed some basic tent camping tips in another post so in this post I just want to cover how your tent should look on the inside. This post contains affiliate… Read More »

How to Choose a Campground

So you’ve decided that you want to go camping and you’ve figured out when you would like to go. The next step is to decide where to go camping. Here are some ideas on How to Choose a Campground. Before you can decide on a campground you need to think about what you are looking… Read More »

Tent Camping Tips from a Tent Camper

I love camping but you won’t have as much fun as you could if you are not prepared and that is where Tent Camping Tips come in. I’m a Girl Guide leader and between Girl Guides and family camping I’ve been camping for 28+ years so I know what I’m talking about. If you are… Read More »

The Great Camping Event – Day 1

Well it’s officially begun! The Great Camping Event is running starting today for 2 weeks on this blog and SMS Book Reviews. Each blog will have reviews, giveaways, guest posts and general camping posts from me. If you put the blog button on your sidebar before Aug 2 and comment here you’ll get 5 extra… Read More »

I’m off camping!

I’m off to camp today. The younger girls and me will be sleeping in a cabin (it’s easier with my three and four year old although they can and have slept in tents.) and the older kids sleep in tents. I have at least one post set to go up this week while I’m gone.… Read More »