Smelly Pet or House? Try MrGreen Odour Eliminators

I love my pets but sometimes, they just SMELL which is why I’ve tried many different odour eliminators. Laundry detergent meant for strong odours is nice but what if you don’t want to wash the cause of the odour? Pet shampoo can do the trick if it’s the pet that smells but you don’t always… Read More »

REVIEW: Oral B Professional Care SmartSeries 5000 Rechargeable Toothbrush

*This review was done by Barb, a member of my review team. The closest I’ve come to using an electric toothbrush is the old Water Pic I had many years ago. So I was very excited to have the opportunity to review the Oral B Professional Care SmartSeries 5000 Rechargeable Toothbrush. I was impressed as… Read More »

REVIEW: Napper Clock from Convenient Gadgets

When I saw the Napper Clock I knew I needed to get it for my husband. He has a strange sleep schedule and constantly ends up taking a nap and needing or wanting to get up in a certain amount of time. How It’s Different Unlike a regular alarm clock, which can only be set… Read More »

Sharing the Blog Love: Blogs I Recommend

I read a lot of blogs. Instead of reading every post on a few blogs, I prefer to read a few posts on lots of blogs. I read a large majority of blogs by women and most of them are moms but not all. Even among those who are moms, they don’t all blog specifically… Read More »

Ask Callista (is back!)–6/29–Gardening, Beginning Blogging and Nova Scotia

Ask Callista is my bi-weekly feature where I answer reader questions. I haven’t had one in 2 months though but it’s back now. I had switched to biweekly because I wasn’t getting enough questions and then I was busy planning the blogathon and I didn’t have a chance to do the posts. I’d love for… Read More »

REVIEW: Swift To-Do List 7 Task Management Software #blogathon2

Do any of the following describe you? You have a bunch of to-do lists around the house, some are on the computer, some are on papers around your desk, some in your phone or on your fridge maybe. You have to-do lists but nothing ever seems to get crossed off of it You have a… Read More »

Safety With a Safety Razor–Or How My Child Shaved Off Her Eyebrows

Before the invention of the safety razor, men shaved with straight razors which could easily cut your skin and had to be used a certain way. I always wondered how they managed to shave with those things without cutting off their face! Now that we have razors that are housed in a plastic or metal… Read More »

REVIEW: Aqua Notes Waterproof Notepad

Ever had a great idea while in the shower but by the time you got out and got dressed, you had forgotten what it was? What about relaxing in the bath and you want to doodle or do puzzles but you are afraid of dropping the book in the water or every time you put… Read More »

REVIEW: Lovable Labels Holly Jolly Gift Pack (#12DaysGalore Sponsor)

I reviewed the wire tags from Lovable Labels in September and this time I tried out one of their Holiday Packs. The Holiday Packs are an assorted package of personalized clothing and shoe labels. They come in two sizes and each size comes in two “types.” (basically “girlish” and “boyish” but they aren’t marked as… Read More »

REVIEW: Mumoocie Body Pillow – Sponsor for #12DaysGalore

Come back between Nov 25-Dec 6 for your chance to win a Memory Foam Mumoocie Pillow (RV: $80) in my 12 Days of Gifts Galore Giveaway. The Mumoocie (pronounced MAH-MOO-SEE) is a body pillow with a unique design. It’s designed to mimic another body so that an adult, child or baby can cuddle up to… Read More »