Lovable Labels Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

Lovable Labels makes personalized labels for just about everything from your children’s belongings to household products. I’ve reviewed some of their products in the past including: Friendship Pack Holly Jolly Gift Pack Wire Tags   Disclosure: I will receive product from the company in exchange for this post.

REVIEW: Lovable Labels Friendship Pack (Toast to 2012 Sponsor)

Lovable Labels is a great place to get personalized labels for your child, no matter what you plan on labelling. I’ve reviewed products from Lovable Labels before: Wire Tags and Holly Jolly Gift Pack. Lovable Labels has added a new fun set you may be interested in. The Friendship Pack has 120 labels (30 Sticker… Read More »

REVIEW: Lovable Labels Holly Jolly Gift Pack (#12DaysGalore Sponsor)

I reviewed the wire tags from Lovable Labels in September and this time I tried out one of their Holiday Packs. The Holiday Packs are an assorted package of personalized clothing and shoe labels. They come in two sizes and each size comes in two “types.” (basically “girlish” and “boyish” but they aren’t marked as… Read More »

REVIEW: Lovable Labels Wire Tags

Lovable Labels is a great way to keep your family organized, whether it’s their clothing, your food containers in the kitchen, books, bags or even your garbage bins. They stick very well and won’t come off if they get wet and should last a long time as they aren’t easily worn down. You can easily… Read More »