REVIEW: Lovable Labels Wire Tags

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Lovable Labels is a great way to keep your family organized, whether it’s their clothing, your food containers in the kitchen, books, bags or even your garbage bins.

They stick very well and won’t come off if they get wet and should last a long time as they aren’t easily worn down. You can easily order personalized labels online and have them delivered to your door, anywhere in the world.

Lovable Labels carries all kinds of different labels from ones made for shoes, to bag tags, clothing labels, household labels, stationery and even id bracelets or bracelets for kids with severe allergies.

One of their newer products is wire tags.

Designed to go around the various power cables in your house, they will help you see at a glance, which cord to unplug from the mess behind your entertainment stand and desks. (It’s not just like that in MY house is it?)

They are long and skinny stickers with the name of the cord on both sides so when you fold it over the cord it sticks to itself and it says the name on both sides.

The kit comes with labels for every cord you could imagine. My camera wouldn’t take good photos so I got permission to use another blogger’s photos. Thanks Sweet Peas and BumbleBees!

(c) Sweet Peas and BumbleBees
(c) Sweet Peas and BumbleBees

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