REVIEW: Swift To-Do List 7 Task Management Software #blogathon2

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Do any of the following describe you?Swift To-Do List 7 Task Management Software

  • You have a bunch of to-do lists around the house, some are on the computer, some are on papers around your desk, some in your phone or on your fridge maybe.
  • You have to-do lists but nothing ever seems to get crossed off of it
  • You have a lot of commitments that require certain tasks to be done and you have a hard time keeping track of what needs to be done, for what thing, and when (volunteer work, consultant of a company etc.)
  • You are a blogger who works with brands and you have trouble keeping track of the reviews, sponsored posts, giveaway hops etc. that you are required to do.
  • You prefer to have a list of what needs to be done written down somewhere but yet you can never figure out the system that works best for you.

If at least one of those reminds you of yourself, then you will want to pay attention.

Organize Your To-Do Lists

I have been testing out the Swift To-Do List 7 task management software for the last month or so and although I still have to get into the routine of adding new tasks, so far it’s helped me meet my deadlines and get more done. Yup, I got more done, just because of a to-do list.

Not Just a To-Do List

Okay well actually it’s more than that. Here are just a small sample of the Swift To-Do List features:

  • Organize multiple to-do lists in a tree.
  • Multiple icons to choose from
  • Add reminders (you can snooze or mark as done)
  • Create recurring tasks
  • Email your tasks to yourself or your team member
  • Edit or add multiple tasks at once
  • Track the time spent on your tasks
  • Carry the program with you on a USB thumb drive.

Take a Look

Task List in Swift To-Do List 7 Task Management Software

On the left I have separate to do lists for my blogs, Girl Guides and Life (doctor’s appts etc) I will be adding more lists eventually too. In the main section you can see my to do list for this blog. The ones with checks beside them already and greyed out are ones I completed already. You can prioritize your tasks, list them as different types and add due dates, reminders and make them recurring.

I just figured out that I can edit the task types so I added in types that work for my blogs. I added a sponsored post type too but I don’t have any currently in my list. I also changed the font in the task list and made it bigger. You can change the font colour and background colour too.

Task List in Swift To-Do List 7 Task Management Software

Making a new task is easy. Add a name, change the priority, type and due date and add reminders notes and such as needed. In the settings of the program you can change what the default is of those.

Adding a Task in Swift To-Do List 7 Task Management Software

Setting a Reminder – set a specific time or set it to be reminded a few days before the due date.

Setting a Reminder in Swift To-Do List 7 Task Management Software

This isn’t just for business owners, it could be used by:

  • Stay At Home Moms (to clean, phone calls to make, household taks)
  • Those Who Volunteer (phone calls to make, paperwork to do, etc.)
  • Bloggers (posts to do, emails to send, deadlines to meet)
  • Small Business Owners
  • Girl Guide Leaders (meetings to plan, parents to call, paperwork to do)

There are three different editions of the program:

Standard ($44.95)
Professional ($89.95)
Ultimate ($149.95) – also comes in a 1 user 3pc option for $199.95

– for details on what is  included in each, check out the explanation of editions.

Bottom Line

Honestly I’m in love with this program. Like I said I still have to remember to add a new task to the list but now when I sit down to work on my blog, I can call up my list to remind myself what I need to work on and based on due date or priority.

For bloggers who have other reviewers on their team, you can email them a task.

Buy Now

Dextronet (maker of Swift To-Do List 7) has offered one of it’s Ultimate Edition 1 User 3 PC Liceneses ($199.95) as a prize in the Biannual Blogathon Bash Jun 22-25/12. All bloggers are welcome to join and you must be a participant to have a chance to win!

*Disclosure: I received the product(s) mentioned above free of charge by the company or PR representative for evaluation purposes. No other compensation was provided. See my Disclosure Policy for more information.

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