How to Survive Being Stranded in a Blizzard

This is a sponsored post Winter weather is coming and it is important to be prepared for winter driving including knowing How to Survive Being Stranded in a Blizzard. It’s important to pack your car with the things you might need to survive such as food, water and blankets but these tips are good even… Read More »

What Parents Need to Know About BurnNote

  We have all said or done things we wish would disappear. Whether it was in a fit of rage or we spilled a secret, we have all had remorse at one time or another. Today, there is an app that erases or “burns” all of our messages after they are viewed. This app’s moniker?… Read More »

Pet Safety Infographic

It’s always a good time to go over pet safety rules and this pet safety infographic that I created for you will help you remember all the different tips for each season. Pet Safety Tips (Infographic to follow) Winter Watch out for antifreeze. When you fill up your vehicle, make sure some doesn’t leak out… Read More »

Diono Radian RXT Car Seat Review

In the market for a new car seat and looking at your options? We had the opportunity to test out a new car seat and bring to you aDiono Radian RXT car seat review (birth and up) and booster seat combo. Aria (age 2) was more than happy to test it out. We were using… Read More »

The Cold Weather and Pets #PetWellnessMonth

October is Pet Wellness Month and with the cold weather arriving here in Canada there are some pet safety tips you should keep in mind. PetSafe made this infographic to help spread the word. Consider sharing with a friend! There are quite a few that you might not have thought about when it comes to… Read More »

Yard Sale Safety Tips – Buying Used

It’s yard sale season which means time to walk, bike or drive around looking for yard and garage sales and buying used items from your neighbourhood. Make sure you keep these Yard Sale Safety Tips in mind. Yard sales can be fun, finding treasures in another person’s trash (okay not literally their TRASH but you… Read More »

Snow Shovelling Faux Pas

Southern Ontario got hit by a large amount of snow this week which inspired me to write this post on  Snow Shovelling Faux Pas that I’ve been sitting on for months now. No matter where you live, if it gets snow, this post is directed to you. I dislike snow, mostly because it makes it hard… Read More »

D-Link Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor

If you are in the market for a video baby monitor, you will want to take a look at the D-Link Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor (also known as D-Link Wi-Fi Baby Camera.) Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor This D-Link camera allows you to keep an eye on your precious baby using your Smartphone or tablet instead… Read More »

Tips to Keep Your Holiday Safe This Season

The holidays are fast approaching for many people and we all want it to be a great time. Taking a few safety precautions will help ensure and safe and happy holiday for all. Candle Safety Never leave burning candles unattended. Keep them out of reach of children and away from pets, tree decorations and wrapping… Read More »

Using React Mobile App for Personal Safety

I’d like to introduce you to the React Mobile App. Personal Safety is on the second step of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs because it’s THAT important. Keeping safe seems to be harder now a days and when they say “There’s an app for that!” they aren’t kidding. React Mobile is a FREE safety app for… Read More »