Organic Slammers from Go Gourmet #CRHGG15

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Organic Slammers from Go Gourmet are a yummy addition to any child’s school lunch but are yummy too so they can be thought of as a treat by your child, even though it’s very healthy!

Disclosure: I received some Slammers for inclusion in the Holiday Gift Guide. I only feature products I would buy.

Organic Slammers Food Pouch


These slammers (and other flavours) are good because:

  • No Sugar Added
  • Nothing Artificial
  • High in Antioxidants
  • No Nuts, No Gluten
  • Super Food, Super fun!

Organic Slammers from Go Gourmet


Epic – Mango, Banana, Carrot, Orange, Greek Yogurt, Real Vanilla

Awesome – Banana, Blueberry, Strawberry, Beet, Acai, Amaranth

Chill’n – Banana, Blueberry, Butternut Squash, Greek Yogurt, Yumberry (yes it’s real)

Pumped – Banana, Mango, Butternut Squash, Ancient Grains, Cinnamon

Pomegranate Grape Crush (protein+)

Watermelon Kiwi Burst (Protein+)


Where To Buy

You can find them in the US at Target, Safeway, Publix, H-E-B and Ralphs and at Walmart and in Canada

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