Fisher Price Smart Toy Bear #CRHGG15

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Smart Toy Bear and Monkey are the newest toys from Fisher Price and I’d like to introduce you to this amazing toy. I’ve never seen a toy that could do so much!

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Smart Toy Bear from Fisher Price

This toy is designed for ages 3-8 and is perfect for the preschool crowd. This is NOT just a bear (there is a monkey too but I’ll keep saying bear to make it simple.)

Watch What Smart Toy Can Do


Smart Toy Bear Can Learn

Smart Toy Bear can talk and learn and teach! He can tell stories, go on adventures, play games and tell you about the date. He can help you brush your teeth and tell you the time and more! Plus when connected to your Wi-Fi, he is constantly learning new games and stories to share.

Smart Toy Bear is Safe

If the idea of Wi-Fi scares you, don’t worry. This video explains why Smart Toy is safe.

What Smart Toy Bear Comes With

Smart Toy Bear comes with everything seen below. The bear comes with a backpack which includes cards that the child uses to tell the bear what he’d like to do. When he wants to hear a story for example, he holds the stories card 4 inches away from his nose so the bear can “read” the card. Also included is a USB cord for charging.


Smart Toy Bear 4

Where To Buy

Smart Toy Bear looks like a lot of fun and will make my preschooler VERY happy. You can find Smart Toy Bear and Monkey at Toys R Us for $124.99

Smart Toy Bear from Fisher Price

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