Rush Hour Shift and All Queens Chess #CRHGG15

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I’d like to introduce you to two new games from Think Fun: Rush Hour Shift and All Queens Chess

Disclosure: I received a copy of these games for inclusion in the Holiday Gift Guide. I only accept items I would buy.

Rush Hour Shift and All Queens Chess - Games from Think Fun

Rush Hour Shift

Rush Hour Shift is a new version of the popular Rush Hour logic game created by Think Fun. In this 2-player Strategy game for ages 8+, players arrange a grid as directed and then draw cards which change the layout of the game both via the vehicles and the board itself.

Rush Hour Shift a Think Fun Game

Each player is trying to get their HERO vehicle all the way across the board before the other player. When it’s your turn you can choose from your cards which may allow you to move your HERO car or block your opponent. This is where the strategy comes in, you have to decide what your best move is.

The first person to get their HERO card completely off the opposite end of the grid is the winner!

You can buy Rush Hour Shift from Think Fun for $24.99 or from (affiliate link)

How To Play Rush Hour Shift

All Queens Chess

All Queens Chess is another strategy game as a regular game of chess is but it’s much different two. Like regular chess this is a two player game. Unlike regular chess, you only have Queens, nothing else.

The Queen can still move in all directions but pieces can’t be captured. You are trying to get all your Queens in a row.

All Queens Chess from Think Fun

One player has 6 red Queens while another player has 6 Black Queens. After setting up the board by putting Queens on a square with their own colour, players take turns deciding which queen they will move, which direction they will move it and how far they will move it. First players to get 4 Queens in a straight line in any directions WINS!

You can get All Queens Chess from Think Fun for $12.99 or Amazon. (affiliate)

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