BuppaLaPaloo Bear Builds Self Confidence #CRHGG15

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The BuppaLaPaloo bear may be hard to say but it’s not hard to play with and unlike other teddy bears, it speaks in statements designed to help your child feel special.

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BuppaLaPaloo Bear

This bear is programmed to say phrases such as I Love Me, I Am So Powerful, I Love Being Happy and I Can Be Anything I Want To Be with a push of the paw. It is hoped that eventually your child will repeat these statements and eventually, realize they are true.

Best of all, you can record your own message for your child with the other paw.

Who created this amazing bear? Dee Wallace (the mom from the E.T. movie.) She is also an internationally known actress other than in E.T. and  she has her teacher’s credentials and has been a life coach for over twenty years. Is it any wonder she came up with this toy?

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The bear has just the right amount of cuddliness factor too. It bothers me when there are teddy bears that are hard or so squishy they are basically flat. I love cuddly teddy bears. Have I mentioned I used to have a collection of over 45 teddy bears? This one is definitely one to keep.

The only thing I’m worried about is the bear is white and kids make stains a lot. However I have to say that I don’t think he would look as cute if he wasn’t white. The heart on his stomach is just perfect too. This would make a great gift for a child 18months-5 years.

Also I’d love to know where she came up with the name BuppaLaPaloo, I actually had to practice saying it! You can learn more and find out where to buy at the website.

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