Heart to Heart Girls–World Dolls Now in Canada

Dolls are a common gift, especially for girls. If you are like me, you can feel like you don’t want any more dolls because your house is being overrun by them. Heart to Heart Girls is different. First of all, they are not babies. Second, they are from different cultures. Third they come with information… Read More »

World Vision Gifts–Gifts That Make a Difference (Holiday Gift Guide 2012)

The Gift That Makes a Difference At this time of year, many families want to give gifts but are also aware of the many people without money or homes who don’t get gifts this holiday season. It can be  tough sometimes to justify the gifts you are buying when others are going hungry. There IS… Read More »

Mother India: Life Through the Eyes of the Orphan

  There are over 31 million orphans in India and David Trotter and Shawn Scheinoha teamed up with the goal of showing what life is like for these orphans by going to India and finding and meeting some orphaned children and getting to know them and filming what there life is like. “MotherIndia is a… Read More »

Are You Happy With Your Skin Colour?

Are You Happy With Your Skin Colour? Why is that we can’t just be happy with how we look? Most of us spend tons of money and time changing how we look to match more of what we think of as the “ideal.” Unhappiness is Everywhere It’s not just those in North America either. While… Read More »

5 Points to Help Explain The #Olympics To Your Kids

The above photo was taken in 2009. It’s a photo of me and my girls holding a real Olympic torch at playgroup. With the London 2012 Olympics in full swing, you may have already been watching it with your children, or perhaps not. Maybe you thought your children were too young to care or understand,… Read More »

World Breastfeeding Week –My Thoughts on #breastfeeding #WBW2012

Aug 1-7 is World Breastfeeding Week, designed to bring awareness to breastfeeding and help those who need help with it. I am currently nursing my 16 month old and I nursed my other two children. My first child was bottled fed as well because I had to stop nursing at 2.5 months because of a… Read More »

I Love the Whole World

As you may or may not know, I Love the World or I Love the Whole World is an advertising campaign for The Discovery Channel that features a song to the tune of I Like the Flowers (which is a song made from one of the parts of Heart & Soul, the two part piano… Read More »

Earth Hour 2010 – Mar 27 8:30pm

It’s that time again. Time to show our support for being more environmentally friendly, to reduce our electricity usage for just one hour this saturday. Earth Hour has been such a success around the world, why wouldn’t you want to participate? Earth Hour and WWF would like me to share some information with you: 5… Read More »

Did You Know?

I’m not big on sharing YouTube videos in blogs but I just had to share this. I think it’s important to watch.