World Vision Gifts–Gifts That Make a Difference (Holiday Gift Guide 2012)

The Gift That Makes a Difference At this time of year, many families want to give gifts but are also aware of the many people without money or homes who don’t get gifts this holiday season. It can be  tough sometimes to justify the gifts you are buying when others are going hungry. There IS… Read More »

Bullying From a Teenager’s Point of View–Bullying Poem

My niece is a poet and she has her own blog where she posts her poems as well as a few other things called Unique Poems and Thoughts. I wanted to draw your attention to two of her most recent poems. A snippet is below with a direct link to the full poem. If you… Read More »

Are You Happy With Your Skin Colour?

Are You Happy With Your Skin Colour? Why is that we can’t just be happy with how we look? Most of us spend tons of money and time changing how we look to match more of what we think of as the “ideal.” Unhappiness is Everywhere It’s not just those in North America either. While… Read More »

I’m Guest Posting at Going Crazy!! Wanna Go??

Janet of Going Crazy!! Wanna Go?? has turned her blog blue for the month of April for Child Abuse Awareness Month. She is also featuring guest posts about the topic. Today you will find a post by me about our obligation to report suspected child abuse and how to do it. I hope you’ll go… Read More »

Article: How to talk to kids about tragedies, disasters: Tips from World Vision

I received this in my email and wanted to share with you. My girls are too young to even know about the earthquake or what an earthquake is but I’m sure some of my readers have older children. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WASHINGTON, 16 March 2011- As information increases about the devastation of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami, our… Read More »