Bullying From a Teenager’s Point of View–Bullying Poem

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My niece is a poet and she has her own blog where she posts her poems as well as a few other things called Unique Poems and Thoughts.

I wanted to draw your attention to two of her most recent poems. A snippet is below with a direct link to the full poem. If you like her poetry, please take moment to click through and share your thoughts in her comments or perhaps follow her page on facebook.

What’s the worst part?
Knowing they were all watching,
some tried to help, but they went down too
there was no stopping them
they were undeniably and completely unbeatable
I tried, I yelled, but no one came
now I’m buried here,
deep in the ground
never again to make a sound
they shut me up like they asked.”
– read full Bullying poem

The second one is titled Ugly.

“This one word has the power,
The impact to determine someone’s next breath
Whether they will take it or not,
How foolish does that sound?
Well as silly as it sounds,
Its truer than true.
Life has never been simple
But this word and many more,
Are what make it hell to live.”
– read full Ugly Poem

I’m proud of my niece.

I fully believe in nourishing the creativity of the next generation.

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