World Vision Gifts–Gifts That Make a Difference (Holiday Gift Guide 2012)

The Gift That Makes a Difference At this time of year, many families want to give gifts but are also aware of the many people without money or homes who don’t get gifts this holiday season. It can be  tough sometimes to justify the gifts you are buying when others are going hungry. There IS… Read More »

Mother India: Life Through the Eyes of the Orphan

  There are over 31 million orphans in India and David Trotter and Shawn Scheinoha teamed up with the goal of showing what life is like for these orphans by going to India and finding and meeting some orphaned children and getting to know them and filming what there life is like. “MotherIndia is a… Read More »

Majesta’s “Take It On the Road Flushability Challenge” Contest

I was a Majesta Mom back in 2010 and I did a fun test to show how much more flushable Majesta paper products are compared to their competitors. Now I’d like to let you know about their latest contest to win 1 of 10 Majesta Products for a year. How to Enter To enter, simply… Read More »

Advocating For Those Who Can’t Speak–Punish the Deed, Not the Breed

Look at these cute faces and tell me that they want to tear you apart: That’s right those are all pitbulls. Don’t they look so fierce? There are 3 different dogs in those pictures and not one of them has ever hurt anyone. The two white ones have already passed and the brown one is… Read More »

Speroway Helps Out Children of Haiti–And So Can You (and you might win an #ipad !)

I’m sure you’ve heard of Feed the Children? Well they’ve rebranded and now they are known as Speroway. Speroway is trying to raise funds to build a medical clinic in Haiti and raise awareness of what they do. To help bring awareness, they are offering up a GREAT giveaway. We have been working in Haiti… Read More »

Pink Shirt Day – No More Bullying

Why is it that some people feel it’s okay to put others down to make them feel better? Do they not realize there are other ways to feel good about themselves? Be An Upstander, not a Bystander! That’s the message shared throughout our school this Pink Shirt Day. All around Canada people are wearing pink… Read More »

Iams Home 4 the Holidays – Finding Orphan Pets Forever Homes

Iams Home 4 the Holidays Campaign is one of the world’s largest pet adoption campaigns. They have helped 5.8 million pets find homes across the globe to date (The campaign is in it’s 13th year.) Canadians can visit the Iams Facebook page and click to “like” the page or the content (messages, photos, videos, etc.)… Read More »

Help a Family In Need This Holiday Season

One Busy Moma is raising money to help a needy family this Christmas just like she has for the last 2 years. A lot of people don’t donate to causes because they feel they can’t afford it or that they should only donate if they can donate a large amount but that’s not true! Even… Read More »

Buzzed Halloween Driving – Be Careful!

This is a reminder to be extra careful when driving on Halloween night and to NOT DRIVE DRUNK! Halloween night is often one of the deadliest nights of the year due to the number of impaired drivers on the streets. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2009, 48 percent of all… Read More »

GIVEAWAY: In Honor of the Tatas Giveaway Hop – CANADA ONLY

*This post will be a sticky until October 24. Please scroll down to see if there are any new posts (but probably not since I’m away this weekend!) In Honor of the Tatas is a giveaway hop hosted by Makobi Scribe. All participating blogs will have giveaways of $50 or more in honor of Breast… Read More »