Majesta’s “Take It On the Road Flushability Challenge” Contest

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I was a Majesta Mom back in 2010 and I did a fun test to show how much more flushable Majesta paper products are compared to their competitors.

Now I’d like to let you know about their latest contest to win 1 of 10 Majesta Products for a year.

Majesta Take It On The Road

How to Enter

To enter, simply go to the Majesta Facebook page, watch the video to learn more, and then enter your email address and click continue. The first time you enter you get a $1 off coupon as well!

Majesta and the Environment

If you aren’t familiar with Majesta, it’s not just another paper products brand. Majesta is “Treesponsible” which means that for every tree used to produce Majesta products, 3 trees are re-planted.

Majesta is Treesponsible

Have you tried Majesta yet?

I don’t regularly buy it only because it’s sadly not available at our usual store but I do prefer it. As I found out when I did all the Majesta tests on it in 2010, it breaks down well but is still soft on your skin.

Majesta doesn’t just make toilet paper, they also make facial tissue and paper towel.


Good Luck!

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