Vet Academy

Do you have an aspiring vet to be? If your child is age 7+ this book will be perfect for him or her. It’s not just a book, it’s an activity book with punch out games, models and stickers. Vet Academy is part of a series of books about jobs. Other books in the series… Read More »

Teaching Kids About Animals + a Hidden Lesson

These three books by Dave Reisman will help with teaching kids about animals but in a fun way and with a hidden lesson. My two youngest children have enjoyed them immensely. They aren’t just fun and educational, they also teach an important value… keep reading! I’ve also included some ways you can round out the… Read More »

Iams Home 4 the Holidays – Finding Orphan Pets Forever Homes

Iams Home 4 the Holidays Campaign is one of the world’s largest pet adoption campaigns. They have helped 5.8 million pets find homes across the globe to date (The campaign is in it’s 13th year.) Canadians can visit the Iams Facebook page and click to “like” the page or the content (messages, photos, videos, etc.)… Read More »

(Guest Post) Beware: Dog in the House

(c) Flickr User Clay Larsen Dogs are wonderful companions to those with children or those who live alone but don’t want to be lonely. They can be the bonding link in a family, a way to test one’s ability to care for others, or added protection from both human and animal intruders. It’s a good… Read More »

Rafflecopter Roundup: The Tiniest Tiger Book + Colouring Book (US/CAN/AU/EU)

I’m happy to be participating in the Rafflecopter Roundup event from Sep 21 – 25, hosted by Makobi Scribe and Simply Stacie. I’ve been using rafflecopter for a month or so now and I love it. I love entering using it too. In fact I’ve barely entered any giveaways not using rafflecopter since it came… Read More »

Release: Puppies for the Holidays are a Very Bad Idea

The Companion Animal Protection Society Explains Why the Holiday Gift of a Pet is actually no Gift at All (Boston, MA) – A puppy under the tree with a big red bow around its neck seems like the perfect image for many families; but Deborah Howard, President of the Companion Animal Protection Society (The only… Read More »

September 20 is Puppy Mill Awareness Day

Do you know what a Puppy Mill is? You should. A puppy mill is the equivalent of a factory farm for dogs” – For the rest, go here. Puppy Mill Awareness Day is actually and American “holiday” but Puppy Mills isn’t exclusively American by any means so it’s important for us all to know… Read More »