Teaching Kids About Animals + a Hidden Lesson

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These three books by Dave Reisman will help with teaching kids about animals but in a fun way and with a hidden lesson. My two youngest children have enjoyed them immensely.

They aren’t just fun and educational, they also teach an important value… keep reading! I’ve also included some ways you can round out the books and make it a lesson on animals AND that extra value!

Disclosure: I received these books from the author in exchange for a feature. This post contains affiliate links. I will make a small commission if you make a purchase through these links.

Teaching Kids About Animals + a Hidden Lesson - How to Turn these Books into a full lesson and a bonus lesson on Being Unique

Teaching Kids About Animals… With a Hidden Lesson

There are tons of books for kids about animals but they are all very similar. Most are just funny stories where the animals are often alive or live in a house. The typical animal children’s nonfiction book shows an animal per page with information on it’s species, habitat and way of life.

THESE books by Dave Reisman are different because:

  • they teach about animals BUT
  • without overwhelming the child with information AND
  • while keeping it simple and memorable.

Now children as young as 2 can start learning about animals and what they DO, how they MOVE and what they SAY.

Introducing the Cows Can’t Series

Cows Can't Series by Jumping Cow Press

The Books:

The first book, Cows Can’t Jump is about how animals move:

“Cows can’t jump… but they can swim. Gorillas can’t swim… but they can swim.”

The second book, Cows Can’t Quack is about what animals say:

“Cows can’t quack… but they can moo. Moose can’t moo … but they can grunt.”

The third book, Cows Can’t Spin Silk is about what animals do:

“Cows can’t spin silk… but they can make milk. Woodpeckers can’t make milk… but they can hammer holes.”

Each book from Jumping Cow Press illustrates something the animal can’t do but is followed by what the animal can do. What this means is that the books show children that it’s okay to be different. It’s okay if they can’t do something because they can do something else.

Teaching Kids About Animals – Make it a Lesson

How can you use these books for a lesson on animals for kids?

  1. Pick one of the animals from one of the books and do some research on what else the animal can do or how they act.
  2. Pick one of the animals from the books and find out HOW and WHY they make the sound they do. Are they warning others? Showing interest? Etc.
  3. Draw one of the animals from the book or look up crafts for that animal and make one. Include it doing something that animal does and write the sound it would say.
  4. Pick an animal and make one week that animal week. e.g. Cow Week or Elephant Week. Watch documentaries, read books and make crafts on that animal.

and a BONUS Lesson on Being Unique

Make a book with your child about family and friends and what they can and can’t do.

Mommy can’t drive… but she can blog! Daddy can’t blog… but he can woodburn! Aria can’t woodburn… but she can do puzzles. Morgan can’t do puzzles… but she can draw. Liam can’t draw… but he can play video games! Grandma can’t play video games… but she can crochet. Connor can’t crochet… but he can skateboard. Alastrin can’t skateboard… but she can dance.

Staple some papers together and can make your own book. Each child could illustrate their own page and some of the others. You might have to be creative if you have babies or toddlers. Put them last if you can, or use something they can do that you don’t do anymore like drink bottles.

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