Are You Happy With Your Skin Colour?

Are You Happy With Your Skin Colour? Why is that we can’t just be happy with how we look? Most of us spend tons of money and time changing how we look to match more of what we think of as the “ideal.” Unhappiness is Everywhere It’s not just those in North America either. While… Read More »

Pay Parking

What’s with pay parking? We Canadians have free heath care but if you have to pay to park at the doctor’s or hospital is it really free? They don’t take enough of our money, they have to make us pay for using a slab of concrete now? This really annoys me since I don’t have… Read More »

Thursday Bug

What’s your Thursday Bug? I’m annoyed by the people that come door to door from companies such as Universal Power or Direct Energy who want to provide you with their electricity or gas for a slightly higher price in exchange for a 5-year locked in rate. The idea is that the price would normally get… Read More »

Interests: How do you choose?

I have more interests than I do time to pursue them. How do you choose which ones to go with? Currently I am interested in blogging, scrapbooking, reading, making graphics online, running web pages, learning photography and starting a pagan playgroup. That doesn’t count what I NEED to do like cleaning house, organizing, running errands,… Read More »


The english language is confusing. Very confusing. I always have trouble with things like “next tuesday.” I’ve finally figured it out but not everyone else has so I can’t assume that when I’m talking to someone, they will know what I mean. For example, today is Wednesday, July 11. This sunday refers to July 15.… Read More »

What’s So Special About Anime?

Somebody, please Explain! I guess I can understand kids liking it but I don’t understand the large amount of adults who enjoy watching anime on TV and playing it in games. The characters are silly looking, especially their expressions and all they do is fight or battle. What is the appeal? I like cartoons. I… Read More »

The Family Unit

The newest issue of Reader’s Digest just came in the mail today. The article under “That’s Outrageous” got me thinking and I wanted to share my thoughts on the subject. The title is The Family Unit: An Endangered Species?Let me quote a little so you know what it’s about: “Earlier this year the Ontario Court… Read More »

Sad News/Vets

First of all I want to apologize for not posting in a while. First our whole family has been sick with some sort of bug. Then just today, the unthinkable happened. Our beloved dog Essence passed away in our arms. If you want to know the story, email me at I have a little… Read More »

Text Messaging

What is the big deal about sending text messages? I’d much rather talk on the phone, and I hate talking on the phone. Watching TV today, every other commercial had a text number for people to text something to them. Either to vote for something, or enter something or give them feedback. I’d much rather… Read More »

Cell Phones

I hate cell phones. They are good sometimes, like when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere and your car is broken down and there are no payphones near by. Or when you are out shopping and there is an emergency or someone needs to know where abouts you are, they can get a hold… Read More »