Interests: How do you choose?

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I have more interests than I do time to pursue them. How do you choose which ones to go with? Currently I am interested in blogging, scrapbooking, reading, making graphics online, running web pages, learning photography and starting a pagan playgroup. That doesn’t count what I NEED to do like cleaning house, organizing, running errands, caring for children etc.. Plus now I’m starting to do basic homeschooling (

There is NO POSSIBLE WAY that I can do all of this at once. However I can’t seem to choose. At the beginning of the year I was keeping my web pages up and learning how to make graphics, especially pixel graphics. Then I decided to go back to blogging and now I’m doing that almost everyday. This includes reading for my book review blog. I haven’t scrap booked in months and am only up to a few months old for my daughter’s scrapbook and she is now 19 months old and I have another child. I want to practice taking photographs and start a playgroup.

Does anyone else having this trouble? How do you decide which is more important to you? Do the interests you pursue often change?

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