Sad News/Vets

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First of all I want to apologize for not posting in a while. First our whole family has been sick with some sort of bug. Then just today, the unthinkable happened. Our beloved dog Essence passed away in our arms. If you want to know the story, email me at

I have a little rant about the vets in our city. I don’t know about anywhere else but I can speak for my city at least. Actually it’s not the vets persay as whoever decides on prices of tests and medications and who makes policies.

The policy is: If you don’t have money, tough luck.

Nevermind that your pet is loved like a second child. Nevermind that you have cared for this pet for many years. Oh the vets are helpful if you have the money. You have money, GREAT! But if you don’t have money, then I guess your pet dies. Okay then, now what? She’s dead. Oh it costs money to dispose of her too? Well now what do you do? I can see some poor people having to resort to “putting the pet down” by themselves and “disposing” of the pet themselves too. Does our city want pets floating in the river?

I’m glad to live in Canada because Canada cares about my health. If you live in Canada, you are covered under the health plan and the basic treatments are free to you. As it should be. It’s horrible in the states. The poor have to suffer, die without pain relief. It’s as if they aren’t considered human because they don’t have money. I would never want to live in a health care system like that.

Oh but we have pet health insurance. Yeah if you have money. So maybe poor people shouldn’t have pets then? Well no you shouldn’t have lots of pets if you can’t afford their health care. But poor people are among the mentally ill community and pets help with that. How many times have I cuddled one of my pets when I’m upset? I couldn’t even begin to guess.

I don’t have any ideas of how our Country could afford healthcare for pets but there needs to be some brainstorming. If free healthcare isn’t available, reduced cost care, or a sliding fee based on how much you make or a chance to pay the bill later. If you don’t pay that bill on time, your priviledge is revoked. There has to be something we can do.

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