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The english language is confusing. Very confusing. I always have trouble with things like “next tuesday.” I’ve finally figured it out but not everyone else has so I can’t assume that when I’m talking to someone, they will know what I mean.

For example, today is Wednesday, July 11. This sunday refers to July 15. Next sunday would be July 22. However some people would take next sunday to mean July 15 because it’s the next sunday coming up. Do you use the terms the same as me or differently?

Speaking of time misunderstandings, Dave Barclay from Toronto, Ontario flew all the way to Wales for a wedding only to find out he was a year early! His friend told him at the beginning of THIS year that it was July 6 so he assumed it was THIS July 6. I would have assumed that too, (although I wouldn’t have flown that far without more details and last minute confirmations.) Would you have?

Anyone else have trouble with terms for time?

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