The Family Unit

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The newest issue of Reader’s Digest just came in the mail today. The article under “That’s Outrageous” got me thinking and I wanted to share my thoughts on the subject.

The title is The Family Unit: An Endangered Species?
Let me quote a little so you know what it’s about:

“Earlier this year the Ontario Court of Appeal rules to recognize a
three-parent family: a mom, a dad… and another mom. “

“A.A. and C.C. were in a lifelong committed partnership and wanted to have a baby. A nice idea, but also biologically impossible: A.A. and C.C. are both women. …the women called on their long-time male friend B.B. to provide the missing biological pieces. …in February 2001 C.C. gave birth to a bouncing baby boy to whom the courts now fondly refer to as D.D.”

Basically they all agreed that A.A and C.C. were to be the “primary custodial parents” and B.B. wouldn’t have to pay any money but would be active in his kid’s life. Later on down the road, A.A. asked the court to grant her full parenting rights and privileges. The request was denied but was approved after appeal.

“Interestingly, the Ontario Court of Appeal is the same court that, in 2003, declared the legal definition of marriage – the union of a man and a woman – invalid, changing it to include same-sex couples.”

“We now live in a country where gender doesn’t matter to marriage, and numbers don’t matter to parenting, which leads to the question “How much longer before numbers don’t matter to marriage?””

My response? What does it matter? I don’t think the government should have any say in what constitutes a family. If two men want to get married, fine. If three adults want to co-parent a child, fine. If a woman wants three husbands, fine. Why should it be any body’s decision but those involved?

Polygamy works for other cultures so I don’t see it causing much problem here. As long as all those involved agree on how things work, why is it the government’s business?

What’s outrageous about that article is not that a three parent family was approved, but that the government still feels it necessary to put limits and rules on every aspect of our lives.

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