World Breastfeeding Week –My Thoughts on #breastfeeding #WBW2012

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World Breastfeeding Week - My Thoughts on Breastfeeding

Aug 1-7 is World Breastfeeding Week, designed to bring awareness to breastfeeding and help those who need help with it.

I am currently nursing my 16 month old and I nursed my other two children. My first child was bottled fed as well because I had to stop nursing at 2.5 months because of a medication I needed to be on.

I feel that every mom should try their hardest to breastfeed but I know sometimes a mom can’t and if they truly can’t, for whatever reason, then formula is an acceptable alternative. I do believe though that too many women don’t try at all or don’t try hard enough to nurse. It’s their life and their choice of course and I would never say anything or treat someone differently (and I usually don’t know why they are using bottles anyways) but I just feel that if there was more support and breastfeeding was more the norm more women would nurse.

Please understand that I am just sharing what I believe, I am not telling anyone they are a bad mom because they chose to formula feed. Your baby is being nourished and that is the most important thing. However if you never got past the early weeks of nursing which can be hard, you missed out on the wonder of breastfeeding. It’s like nothing else.

You will never see me shunning formula ads or anything radical. I just want to give support to those who do breastfeed or would like to or aren’t sure about it. I have thought about being a Lactation Consultant.

I am sad that most likely my nursing relationship will be over soon. My son is not weaning himself but I’m starting to get annoyed with his nursing behaviours (lately pinching me over and over again or getting on and off constantly. Plus now that he’s older, I would like to be able to send him for sleepovers to grandma’s house or leave for more than 6 hours.

20th World Breastfeeding Week

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