Earth Hour 2010 – Mar 27 8:30pm

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It’s that time again. Time to show our support for being more environmentally friendly, to reduce our electricity usage for just one hour this saturday. Earth Hour has been such a success around the world, why wouldn’t you want to participate?

Earth Hour and WWF would like me to share some information with you:

5 Things we want the world to know about Earth Hour
  1. We can solve 3/4 of climate change by changing the energy we use.
    First step is cutting down our use. Do those lights really have to be on? Can the computers be turned off at night? Think before you switch on.
  2. 10 million Canadians care about leadership on climate change.
    Every person who participates in Earth Hour is sending a clear and inspiring message to our leaders to take further action needed to help our planet.
  3. We’re in the hot seat this summer – and it’s not on the beach!
    Canada is hosting the G8 and G20 Summits in Huntsville and Toronto in June, and climate change is on the agenda. Let’s show the world what we are capable of.
  4. Wildlife’s best hope is avoiding 2 degrees Celsius.
    Global warming is already threatening our coral reefs, the base of ocean life. If we can limit the warming, we can stop 1/3 of species from risking extinction.
  5. WWF wants to help you make ever hour Earth Hour.
    There’s a big growing community online of people wanting to do more and looking for support. Join us at

So what can you do without lights, stoves, computers, music, video games, TV etc… for one hour?

How about:

  • Having a candlelit dinner
  • Reading by candlight
  • Play a game that requires little reading and mostly talking (the kind where you ask a question and everyone gives their answer)
  • Go outside and enjoy the stars. It should be easier to see with less lights
  • If it’s just the two of you… have “adult” fun!
  • sit in a circle and tell ghost stories
  • Have a sing along by candlelight (or a real campfire if you are legally able)

Here’s a short video:

Visit Earth Hour US, Earth Hour Canada or Earth Hour Global

*Photo Credit: Phoney Nickle on Flickr

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