Heart to Heart Girls–World Dolls Now in Canada

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2012giftguideDolls are a common gift, especially for girls. If you are like me, you can feel like you don’t want any more dolls because your house is being overrun by them. Heart to Heart Girls is different. First of all, they are not babies. Second, they are from different cultures. Third they come with information about the country they come from so they can be educational too.

You Can Help Change the World

How can buying a doll help change the world? A portion of each doll sale is donated to World Vision to help children in the country represented by the doll.

Introducing Nahji from India


All the dolls come with a bracelet for the child to wear (shown top left in image below) and authentic clothing and accessories -Nahji has Henna on her hand (see below.) Each girl also comes with a small story booklet that explains what life is like in the doll’s country of origin. There is also an interactive website to navigate.


The dolls quality is amazing. Nahji’s hair is silky and flows like real hair. She is jointed so her arms and legs move a bit. Her jewellery and clothing are great quality as well.

The other available dolls are currently: Lilian from Belarus, Tipi from Laos, Rahel from Ethiopia, Consuelo from Mexico and Dell from the USA. I’m not sure why there is a doll from the USA and while there are certainly kids there that need help, I would have liked to have seen dolls from other countries not as well of in general as most of North America. There are two more dolls available in the USA that are not available yet here as well.

The Hearts for Hearts Girls line is recommended for girls ages 6-12 and is available at Wal-mart across Canada. Find them in the USA at Target, Toys R Us and Amazon.

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