Learn Spanish with the Wlingua App #SpanishCourseWlingua

Do you want to learn Spanish just like me? I have always loved Spanish even though living in the Canada, it’s not one of the official languages. I taught myself through grade school and then took a few years of it in high school and have taught myself and my girls ever since. We love… Read More »

Heart to Heart Girls–World Dolls Now in Canada

Dolls are a common gift, especially for girls. If you are like me, you can feel like you don’t want any more dolls because your house is being overrun by them. Heart to Heart Girls is different. First of all, they are not babies. Second, they are from different cultures. Third they come with information… Read More »

‘Boca Beth’ and ‘Root and Sprout’

I won the Boca Beth Bilingual Beginner’s Set from Root & Sprout! Root & Sprout is relaunching new and improved on March 1, 2009 Even though French is the other official language of Canada, I’ve always loved Spanish and while teaching myself, wanted to teach my kids too. They already know quite a bit. (they… Read More »