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Do you want to learn Spanish just like me? I have always loved Spanish even though living in the Canada, it’s not one of the official languages. I taught myself through grade school and then took a few years of it in high school and have taught myself and my girls ever since. We love finding new resources to aid in practice and learning.

The Wlingua app was recently brought to our attention and we were asked to try it out and share our experiences. It’s a great way to learn Spanish from English.

I received monetary compensation to write my honest opinion. If you have ever used this app, please share your experiences in the comments!

Learn Spanish with Wlingua

The Wlingua app is available for FREE on iOS and Android which is a bonus since I prefer my Spanish learning resources to be free!


What I noticed about the Wlingua app is that it’s at a higher level than some of the other Spanish learning apps I’ve tried. When you download the app, after you sign up or login you have the choice of taking an assessment quiz if you’ve previously learned Spanish. On another app, after I did their version of the quiz, it placed me past the first 15 levels. In this one, I was put on level one still. The assessment quiz was very hard.

That said though once I started the lessons, they weren’t too hard. It starts off showing the word and pronouncing it for you and then you match them up. The lessons progress from there.

There is a premium version with more to offer but you can definitely use only the free version if you want as well. Learn more about the app.

Download the FREE app now for iOS and Android.

Disclosure: Compensation was received for writing about the app.


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