Thursday Thirteen #12 – Pet Pictures

13 Pictures of Pets I DO own, HAVE owned or KNOW someone who owns. This is Kelly, the family dog who passed away in 1995. This is Ciara. She’s the mom to Essence (keep reading) This is Gizmo, technically m FIL’s dog but currently lives with us This is Essence, our beautiful girl who passed… Read More »

Thursday Thirteen #11 – Blog Pet Peeves

13 Blog Pet Peeves 1. Requiring registration to comment on your blog. I don’t want to register with EVERY blog site just so I can comment on your blog. If you want comments, change your settings or go with a different site that allows you to change them. 2. Illegible text. What does that say?… Read More »

Thursday Thirteen #10 – Commercials

My 13 Favourite Commercials (current ones) 1. The phone commercial where the son and father talk backwards: “You can tell me what to do. I raised you to talk to me like that.” It’s hilarious. 2. Dairy Queen – girl pretends she has an invisible friend so she can get her parents to throw a… Read More »

Thursday Thirteen #9 – Stuck!

13 Things I Did While STUCK in my daughter’s bedroom for 20 minutes *Yep, that’s right, I was stuck. The door was sticking and when we went into the room, The Cuteness shut it behind us and that was that. Thank goodness I had both the kids in the room with me.* 1. Nursed the… Read More »

Thursday Thirteen #8 – Contests

Thirteen Contests Going On Now (not previously mentioned on this blog) 1. Win a signed copy of the book The No-Cry Discipline Solution by Elizabeth Pantley here. 2. Win a cool pair of shoes for your child from Skimasco here. 3. Win a Name Your Tune personalized kid’s CD here. 4. Win a Toro Transportation… Read More »

Thursday Thirteen #7 – Stresses

The top 13 Stresses in my Life Right Now 1. Financial Woes. I hate not having money for things.2. Father-in-law’s health3. Lack of proper sleep (which just makes the stresses worse, but I can’t seem to sleep properly.)4. My own health issues – physical5. My own health issues – emotional6. Streak of bad luck we… Read More »

Thursday Thirteen #6 – Random Thoughts

13 Random Things 1. Been catching up on laundry and dishes before I go away to camp. Definitely need to do the laundry because otherwise I have nothing to pack! 2. Got a book in the mail today which I’ll be reading and reviewing for MotherTalk on my SMS Book Reviews blog in early August.… Read More »

Thursday Thirteen #5 – 13 Childhood Memories

13 Childhood Memories 1. November 11, 1988 – the day I was run over by a school bus. Yep, you read that correctly. I ran to catch the bus and slipped on the ice and went underneath the bus. The back wheels went over me, crushed my pelvic bone and ruptured my spleen. 2. Playing… Read More »

Thursday Thirteen #4

Happy 100th Thursday Thirteen Week!Most people are featuring their 13 fav posts but since I haven’t even done TT 13 times and haven’t read that many ones from others to have a favourites list so I’ll be doing my 13 obsessions/addictions. My 13 Obsessions/Addictions(none of which are cigarettes, alcohol or drugs!) 1. Poutines. I LOVE… Read More »

Thursday Thirteen #3 – Favourite Songs

Thirteen of My Current Favourite Songs (in no order) #1 – Pressure by Belly feat. Ginuwine#2 – I Tried by Bone Thugs#3 – Big Girls Don’t Cry by Fergie#4 – The Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani#5 – Makes Me Wonder by Maroon 5#6 – This Love by Maroon 5#7 – Welcome to the Black Parade… Read More »