Thursday Thirteen #9 – Stuck!

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13 Things I Did While STUCK in my daughter’s bedroom for 20 minutes

*Yep, that’s right, I was stuck. The door was sticking and when we went into the room, The Cuteness shut it behind us and that was that. Thank goodness I had both the kids in the room with me.*

1. Nursed the baby.

2. Read Cuteness books.

3. Changed Cuteness’s diaper

4. Tidied up a bit.

5. Sweat a couple pounds off (there is no a/c in that room)

6. Closed my eyes and relaxed

7. Replaced Precious’s soother a hundred times.

8. Tried opening the door.

9. Looked for something to pry it open with

10. Contemplated going through window but it’s 4 ft drop.

11. Wondered if hubby was EVER going to get home and let me out.

12. Had horrible thoughts of what would have happened if one or both of the babies had been on the outside of the door.

13. Crossed my legs, I had to GO!

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