Thursday Thirteen #12 – Pet Pictures

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13 Pictures of Pets I DO own, HAVE owned or KNOW someone who owns.
This is Kelly, the family dog who passed away in 1995.

This is Ciara. She’s the mom to Essence (keep reading)

This is Gizmo, technically m FIL’s dog but currently lives with us

This is Essence, our beautiful girl who passed away July 2006This is Bailey, the new family dog, lives with my parents.
This is Kesa, my brother’s cat
This is Scooter, the family cat that passed away in 1997. (Yes the cute girl is me)
This is Maharat, American Toad, one of 9 we had and the biggest

This is Kira, Mom of Kesa (above) Kira is my cat. This is Pagan, my dog, daughter of Gizmo (above), sister of Bandaid (below)
This is Rhoades. Son of Essence (above) Friend who lives with us’s dog This is Swiper (as in Swiper the Fox from Dora), a cat we owned for a few weeks before we gave her back. She was named that because she would try to steal all your food.
This is Bandaid, daughter of Gizmo, sister of Pagan.

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